Funded projects

  • NextReality:                          VR technologies to improve safety and action competence in stressful training environments and
                                                     make the effects monitorable, measurable and evaluable  
  • LUBLO:                                   Feasibility study for the development of a blockchain technology into an existing flight management
                                                     platform to optimise the automated operation of drones and air taxis --> more information HERE
  • SERENGETI:                          In the SERENGETI-project, a complete digital twin for drone flights is being developed and                                                                       validated. This generates an exact image of the flight conditions and the flight environment for each                                                     individual flight as the basis for increasing automation in drone flight operations -> more infromation

Projects submitted but not yet approved for funding

  • Autonomous sailing drone:                                  The aim is to develop a seaworthy autonomous sailing drone for recovering
                                                                                        drifters and gliders
  • Autonomous parking function for watercraft:  Development of an autonomous parking function for watercraft to support        
  • Beyond Visual in North Frisia:                              The project aims to develop a regional UAS Innovation Hub and U-Space to enable
                                                                                         BVLOS flying with UAS in an inclusive, cooperative airspace (10,000 km²) in a
                                                                                         rural, maritime space
  • Live stock images for BOS:                                   The optimisation is to be realised by a novel system that can provide live situation
                                                                                         images from the air, at the push of a button, within a few minutes, to the LN and
                                                                                         the requested emergency forces
  • Autonomous Modular Platform-RUBIN:             Platform for various applications for AUVs above and under water
  • LueKN-los:                                                               The project Airspace Monitoring in the Coastal Region of North Friesland                                                                                                     develops advanced hardware for the detection of flying objects. Using fused                                                                                               data, a uniform air situation picture and heat maps are generated, which are                                                                                                 analysed in real time

More project ideas, not yet submitted

- Autonomous parking function for watercraft

- Making drones smarter with AI/sensors


- Refinement of deep-sea sensor technology (software to be developed accordingly), immersive visualisation: software development to
  control hardware

- Development of a technical process that compares weather model calculations with observations

- Development of fuel cell systems for maritime inspection drones

- Automation of UAS for surveillance of critical infrastructure

We are open to further ideas and requirements and wishes from users. Regarding R&D topics, we support our partners individually, depending on their strategic orientation.