AirSenso GmbH

Contact person: Andreas Voss

Vor dem Haßel 6 e

21438 Brackel



Phone: +49 4185 9208041



A homepage of AirSenso GmbH is currently not available. However, information about the company's activities regarding sensors and other fields of activity can be found on the homepage of Syrphus GmbH, which is also under the management of Mr. Andreas Voss.

HankeKonsek Ingenieurbüro

Contact person: Hanke Konsek

Arndtstraße 3

38118 Braunschweig



Phone: +49 531 58072498



HankeKonsek Ingenieurbüro is an engineering office in the fields of consulting and engineering services.


It consults and supports companies and authorities on the use of drones in the sectors of feasibility studies, use case development, strategy consulting, the development of management systems, risk analysis and systems engineering.


The engineering services offered cover the value chain from design, construction, product and process development, testing and approval to data acquisition and evaluation.

Hanseatic Aviation Solutions GmbH

Contact person: Michael Schmidt

Hermann-Köhl-Straße 7

28199 Bremen



Phone: +49 421 5967 942-0



Hanseatic Aviation Solutions GmbH offers innovative products and services based on our extensive experience in the aviation industry.


Our unmanned flight systems offer proven concepts after hundreds of successful flying hours and many missions.


As a development and production company, we can offer both customized systems tailored to your application and small series production.

Hentschel System GmbH

Contact person: Matthias Hentschel

Carl-Buderus-Straße 5

30455 Hannover



Phone : +49 511 94992-0




The family-run company Hentschel System GmbH is an established and anchored company, which has specialized in the business areas of measurement electronics, data acquisition and control technology. Among the customers are well-known customers from the automotive and supplier industry, energy supply and large research facilities.


The company covers the entire value-added chain from development, design, procurement and documentation to shipping, service and calibration. Hentschel System GmbH has its own quality assurance (ISO 9001:2015), which ensures reliable standards and an increase in process performance. Hentschel System GmbH has a lot of experience and know-how in the fields of development, sample and series production as well as in the corresponding tests and calibrations. Especially in consulting and planning, implementation, commissioning and after-sales services belong to the services of Hentschel System GmbH.

mb + Partner, Luftfahrt Technologie

Contact person: Jan Binnebesel

Harburger Schlossstraße 6-12

21079 Hamburg



Phone: +49 40 42 90 43 40



The company was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the TU Hamburg-Harburg with headquarters in the Harburg Channel in Hamburg. Mb + Partner Luftfahrt Technologie is a company specializing in aircraft systems technology, which handles orders from the aviation industry, research institutions and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The company cooperates with DLR, Airbus, Siemens, Hamburg Airport, Hamburg Aviation and other leading partners from aviation and research to develop the GroLaS technology concept, especially in the context of the nationwide aviation top cluster lighthouse project "Airport2030" and the SME project "REALISE". Internal research activities are concentrated on the GroLaS project with the aim of bringing the approach developed to marketable technological maturity.

Contact person: Christian Clees

Weidenstraße 20

53562 Sankt Katharinen



Phone: +49 2644 40 64 066


Web: has been engaged in the design, configuration, manufacture of flying robots and all services associated with them. The company has a production facility and builds the appropriate flight system for each application.

Each use case presents specific requirements for the flight systems. These can be small and lightweight for maximum mobility. In other cases, different and sometimes heavy cameras and sensors have to be transported. Multikopter is able to implement specific requirements and creates a complete system based on them, with which it is guaranteed to reliably carry out applications and missions and to achieve optimal results.

Nordwig Werkzeugbau GmbH

Contact person: Karsten Hoops

Georg-Heyken-Straße 2

21147 Hamburg



Phone: +49 40 42 94 74 7-0



Nordwig Werkzeugbau GmbH stands for holistic problem solutions, which, in addition to comprehensive advice and support, include the highest degree of manufacturing precision. The experience gained over decades in design and production thus forms the basis for the mission statement of a high quality standard. Transparency, reliability and adherence to delivery dates are decisive cornerstones for the company in a cooperative partnership. Short and standardised process sequences ensure this mission statement today and in the future.


The central, easily accessible location in Northern Germany supports us in the realisation of customer requirements as a high-performance partner. In Nordwig Werkzeugbau GmbH you get solutions from one source. From purchasing the raw material to finishing such as hardening, painting, blasting or other surface treatments, we integrate into the production process as desired. By means of the most modern CAD/CAM systems, which work continuously from the design to the programming of the CNC machine tools, the company can optimise production and process sequences. The production-related design as well as the accompanying quality control helps to quickly implement the required standards.

OffTEC Base GmbH & Co. KG

Contact person: Andreas Rauschelbach

Lecker Straße 7

25917 Enge-Sande



Phone: +49 4662 891270



Training centre offering full service - Safe onshore and offshore - whether wind energy industry, maritime industry, security or rescue industry. From safety training to first aid and technology courses. We have the right training for you. All training courses are held at one location. Accommodation in a guest house and catering on our GreenTEC Campus are included. In our state-of-the-art training centre we train from basic to special in every level of real technology. With the expertise of its trainers and high training standards, OffTEC is a pioneer in its industry.


Parasol GmbH & Co. KG

Sönke-Nissen-Koog 58

25821 Reußenköge



Phone: +49 4674 96 29 20

Faxe: +49 4674 827 9999



In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Technology (FHR), PARASOL GmbH & Co. KG has been working together for more than 15 years on the passive radar system for the detection of flying objects as a BNK system for the identification of wind turbines, as well as for the location of moving objects on the ground. The proven and tested passive radar system, which can be used both stationary and mobile, offers a wide range of applications for the covert location of moving objects from the ground up to a height of 10,000 meters. The system does not use its own transmitting radiation, as it relies on existing radiation, e.g. via DVBT or mobile radio, and allows airspace/ground monitoring (3D detection of moving air and ground objects from 0.5 m² radar area) up to an area of 450km².


Parasol specializes in airspace integration of drones using passive radar in combination with transponder-based approaches. In the network, the competence of airspace integration is therefore strengthened.


Rademacher Composites GmbH

Contact person: Rouven Rademacher

Kokenhörst 21

24159 Kiel



Phone: +49 431 6572532



Rademacher Composites GmbH is a dynamic medium-sized company that has developed into a specialist in the field of fiber composite technology. The company was founded in 2004 by Mr. Rouven Rademacher as Rademacher Composite Service (rcs). The change of name to Rademacher Composites GmbH took place on 01.01.2011.

With the help of its own design department, RADEMACHER designs, produces and delivers customized solutions, as well as small series, to customers in the fields of boat and shipbuilding, research and development and the maritime industry. The company operates throughout Germany and also for international customers. The numerous satisfied regular customers testify to a strong customer focus and the high quality level of the products.

The growing company knows its strengths and pursues their constant improvement and development. The ISO 9001 certification that has just been carried out has established the company's internal quality policy and thus created a solid basis for extending the know-how in composite construction that has been achieved over the years to other areas and thus opening up new markets.

Unisphere GmbH

Contact person: Christoph Schlettig

Blarerstraße 56

78462 Konstanz



Phone: +49 178 330 8093



Unisphere GmbH is leading the way in building the ecosystem for unmanned aviation into a social asset.


Unisphere transfers pilot knowledge into a flight management platform that enables companies without an aviation background to operate unmanned aircraft safely and efficiently.


The Unisphere Flight Management Platform (FMP) combines meteorological information, airspace information, air traffic, drone performance, optimization algorithms and safety standards of commercial aviation with the computing power of the cloud.


Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD

Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Kristine Bauer

Joachim-Jungius-Str. 11

18059 Rostock



Phone: +49 381 4024-408



Fraunhofer IGD is the leading international institution for applied research in visual computing. Visual computing is image- and model-based computer science. It combines computer graphics and computer vision. Simplified, it describes the ability to transform information into images and to extract information from images.


All technological solutions of Fraunhofer IGD and its partners are based on this. In computer graphics, people generate, process and manipulate computer-aided images, graphics and multidimensional models. Examples are applications of virtual and simulated reality. Computer Vision is the discipline that teaches computers to "see". Here, a machine sees its environment via a camera and processes information via software. Examples of applications can be found in augmented reality.

GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel

Contact person: Dr. Warner Brückmann

Wischhofstr. 1-3, Geb. 8C/112

24148 Kiel



Phone: +49 431 600 2819

Mobile: +49 171 425 1010






The GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is one of the world's leading institutions in the field of marine research.


The institute's mission is to study the chemical, physical, biological and geological processes in the ocean and their interaction with the seafloor and the atmosphere.


With this spectrum, GEOMAR covers a spectrum that is unique in Germany. GEOMAR is a foundation under public law and is jointly financed by the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Schleswig-Holstein. The centre currently employs 1,000 people (status 2018).




Contact person: Manfred Spaltenberger

Technologie Transfer

Systemintegrierter Umweltschutz

Lechgasse 6

71723 Winzerhausen



Phone: +49 7148 924501

Mobile: +49 172 8794776



TT-SIUS was founded in 2005 with the aim of supporting the promotion of invention and innovation culture through research. The focus is on a holistic and sustainable approach to new technologies.


The promotion of an inventor and innovation-friendly climate maintains and increases competitiveness in Germany. TT-SIUS sees knowledge about technological possibilities as an elementary part of the innovation process. Current trends and developments as well as air taxis offer chances and markets for the future.


TT-SIUS supports the exchange of science and practice nationally and internationally, the provision of information about innovations, companies and innovative personalities to promote the dialogue between industry and science and to improve the culture of innovation, in the areas of intellectual property rights, management, marketing and financing by exchanging expert knowledge and arranging international network contacts. TT-SIUS pursues a sustainable and holistic approach in the implementation of new technologies. System-integrated environmental protection is its top priority.  


Aalborg University

Contact person: Samuel Simon Araya

Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K

9220 Aalborg East



Phone: +45 9940 9940



Aalborg University was founded in 1974 and is characterized by its problem-based and project-oriented teaching methods.


The Energy Technology Department is part of the Engineering and Science Department and is divided into seven sections with the core competencies Electric Power Systems, Power Electronic Systems, Electrical Machines, Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, Thermofluids, Thermal Energy Systems and Esbjerg Energy Section.


The Energy Technology Section focuses on sustainable energy solutions and integration into complete energy systems. The unique combination of electrical, thermal, fluid and mechanical energy offers interdisciplinary know-how. The Energy Technology Department brings in knowledge from off-shore-energy systems, modern energy transmission systems, fuel cells and battery systems and other Areas. 


Contact person: Niels Winther Iversen

Balskildevej 27

8340 Malling



Phone: +45 6166 5664



Book1drone monitors in real time at your location. The online flight is the perfect solution for inspection tasks where the customer is at a different location than the drone.

CertX AG

Contact person: Jens Henkner

Ancienne Papeterie 106

1723 Marly



Phone: +41 26 309 29 99 



CertX AG is a leading certification body for functional safety and cyber security. We offer a wide range of certification and inspection services for all kind of automated and autonomous systems including a suite of training courses on all aspects and relevant standards of functional safety and cyber security. We are Swiss delegates for various upcoming standards such as SOTIF, automotive security and drones and advice regulators worldwide.


As an accredited certification body our services are internationally recognized and verify legal compliance to railway, industrial machinery (CE conformity) and drones regulations in the EU. They also validate the state-of-the-art to limit the exposure to product liability in the North American markets and last not least support to deliver outstanding safe and secure products.


Our range of trainings for personnel incl. a qualified exam and certification help our clients to build up the expertise for a right-first-time safe and secure product development and deploy.


We support our clients through the whole development period concurrently from the concept until the production phase with world-class expertise as a pragmatic safety and security partner.


Creative Sight

Contact person: Benjamin Mejnertz

Ørstedsvej 10

8660 Skanderborg



Phone: +45 61686021



Creative Sight is a drone consulting company that finds solutions to complex tasks for small and large businesses. The company is specialized in inspection and thermography for energy companies and construction sites as well as video material for both film and commercial advertising. Creative Sight as one of the leading drone firms shows the industry that tasks can be solved professionally, creatively and safely with drones, while the team works to create experiences and technical solutions of the highest quality. The companys services range everything from inspecting wind turbines to music videos and thermal aerial images.



Contact person: Isabelle Dussutour

Technocampus Composites

Chemin du Chaffault

ZI Le Chaffault

44 340 Bouguenais



Phone: +33 02 28 44 36 50 



The company was founded in 2006 with the certification of the Highend Automotive Division. The association was then recognised as a competitive cluster and has the objective of developing innovation and competitiveness in the automotive sector in Western France. In 2009, the division changed its identity and strategy after seeing the limits of its high-end positioning.


The cluster, renamed "ID4CAR", now supports the entire sustainable vehicles and mobility sector in Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes. At the suggestion of the manufacturers, ID4CAR thus meets the expectations and needs of all stakeholders in the region, particularly SMEs involved in the development of small series and specific vehicles. At the same time, 4 strategic fields of action are defined: Product development and small series processes, material and vehicle architecture, embedded system intelligence, specific applications and customer values. With an expanded strategy, the company is opening up the markets of agricultural machinery, off-road vehicles, mobile robotics and mobility services.



Contact person: Benjamin Mejnertz

Ørstedsvej 10

8660 Skanderborg



Phone: +45 61 68 60 21



With the aim to bring harsh environment specialized autonomous drone technology in to the maritime industry UPTEKO has developed a multifunktional drone system, to support a large variety of maritime operations. Comprising of 3 main components, this industrial drone system is the perfect innovative assistance for improving day-to-day maritime operations.


Upteko has been consistently involved with the maritime industry since its inception and is developing a drone system solution to live on the ship, to connect Vessel, Wind Energy and Port operations on the ground and at the sea, with insight from the sky. This system includes a software, drone and a charging station for the drone that will be installed on the ship. The drone can autonomously perform a variety of tasks and then fly back and charge its batteries while staying protected against the harsh environments at sea.


Having a permanent drone on a ship will be extremely helpful in a number of cases that can range from Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, vessel docking, inspections, package delivery, fire hazard detection and situational awareness among other functionalities.


Contact person: Thierry Ernst

1137a avenue des Champs-Blancs

Cesson-Sevigne 35510 



Phone: +33 6765 6259 6



YoGoKo is an SME founded 5 years ago with 14 employees. It develops and markets communication solutions for networked and cooperative mobility, especially for road vehicles and roadside infrastructure (V2X). V2X communication is based on international standards and enables data exchange between objects owned or managed by different stakeholders. V2X may be applicable to other types of objects, especially drones operating in public security.


YoGoKo strives to combine multiple access technologies to ensure advanced connectivity and applies the most efficient and secure solutions to control access to data available on objects.